Frontlines PAC is fighting back against the lies, misinformation, and fake news spread by political extremists, stoked by foreign powers, and amplified through social media.

Our aim is to educate Americans about the issues that affect us all by providing facts to counter the influence of hostile rhetoric and meeting head on any effort to divide our country and undermine our democracy. We are on the digital front lines protecting America’s democracy, holding government accountable, and together, advancing our progressive values.


In the wake of the 2016 elections, Americans were faced with the reality that we are in the middle of a war not only on information but on facts and the truth itself. Russia led a massive misinformation campaign to hijack our democracy, divide our country, and influence our elections in their preferred direction. They used a vast network of fake social media accounts to successfully sow division and spread false information, worked hand in hand with third-party actors to steal and disseminate damaging communications against campaigns, and utilized agents on the ground here in the United States to determine our weak points and vulnerabilities.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued a scathing indictment—backed by U.S. intelligence agencies—revealing the goal of these attacks was to support now-President Trump’s campaign. Some defendants, while posing as U.S. citizens, communicated with “unwitting individuals associated with the Trump Campaign and with other political activists to seek to coordinate political activities.”

Yet, we have seen zero effort by the Trump Administration to stop this from happening again. In fact, Republicans, led by Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, have stalled efforts in Congress from taking action where the White House refuses. Why are they dragging their feet to protect this attack on our democracy from happening again? So that it will.

Every indication is that Russia and other hostile foreign powers will attack us again during the 2020 elections unless we do something about it. We’re fighting back against the misinformation, providing a hub of facts, and actions you can take on important issues so voters across America can make well-informed decisions.

Together, we can repel these attacks on our democracy and our country, hold politicians accountable who fail to act in our nation’s best interest, push forward with facts on the most important progressive issues facing us today, and ultimately, ensure that American elections are decided by the American people.


According to a Mueller indictment Russian trolls spent $1.25 million per month on social media ad campaigns to divide Americans on key political issues.


Special counsel Robert Mueller brought charges against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian groups for interfering with the 2016 U.S. elections.

1,000 Videos

The Senate Intelligence Committee reported that Russians posted more than 1,000 YouTube videos during their disinformation campaign.


According to a Congressional report, the Russian misinformation campaigns reached 126 million people on Facebook and 20 million more on Instagram.


Frontlines is powered by everyday working people who believe in making America work for everyone. We are proud to be 100% grassroots-funded. Every dollar you invest in Frontlines goes directly toward educating voters on the issues and growing our cause across the country.

We believe in the power of transparency and that informed voters make better decisions. As such, you can find all of our expenditures and contributions on the FEC website: Committee ID #: C00704452



Paul Kanan has spent more than a decade working in Democratic politics. Paul’s diverse political background has provided him with decisive experience in the rough and tumble arenas of government, politics, and campaigns. Paul’s career began as a field organizer with Obama for America 2008 and has included time in the communications division for Gov. Jennifer Granholm and as a legislative director in the Michigan House of Representatives where he saw firsthand the long-term benefits of investing in genuine constituent service and public relations. Paul currently serves in the role of Communications Director and Press Secretary for the Michigan Democratic Party and as Senior Advisor to the Party Chair.

Robert Ochodnicky - TREASURER

Since 2011, Bob has been practicing law and standing up for the little guy. In 2019, he launched his own firm, ABMD Law. Bob’s passion for justice and empowering others is what ignites his community activism. Bob has always been interested in politics and prior to attending law school, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Michigan State University.


Ryan Covert has spent over 7 years as a Democratic political operative. He began his career in the field campaign circuit but since has spent the majority of his career in senior party staff. His primary focus has been in advising candidates and local party affiliates and managing business for the party’s decision making organs. In recent years, Ryan was elected to city council in his hometown where he is serving in his first term. Though from a partisan background, he believes in the importance of bringing opposing viewpoints together and working across the aisle.



Brandon Dillon brings unrivaled political experience and a real-world winning background. Inspired to pursue a career in public service after serving as an intern in the offices of U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Brandon went on to run for office in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, which included serving two terms as State Representative, winning both elections decisively in a historically Republican area. In 2015, Brandon was elected as Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party. There, he was responsible for rebuilding the state party and returning it to a year-round grassroots operation which led to the most successful Democratic elections in Michigan history in 2018.


Chelsea Marx works in Information Security on the Emerging Technology Team at The Boeing Company’s headquarters in Chicago. She integrates security measures and best practices into new network infrastructure to protect corporate business systems from cyber threats. Before joining the Emerging Technology team, Chelsea was the Chief of Staff to Boeing’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Her commitment to information security and passion for progressive advocacy has led her to be a champion for election and voting security reform nationwide.